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Marina Mazatlan – December 20th

You would think that 10 days in the same place would be enough, right? Wrong.
Not here, for sure! In fact, we may need to stay about another week and if I need an excuse I’ll blame the boat’s spare parts we’re waiting for… Though that’s not the truth. Thursday 16th Tom decided to leave the anchorage at Club Nautico and move a few miles north to the “High Rent District” of Marina Mazatlan. No reason, really. But we thoroughly explored the Old Town, which was very conveniently reachable from the anchorage- and now want to see the other, more modern side of the city.

We arrived at our dock in Marina Mazatlan last Thursday, December 16th. Since then we have been really lazy, getting to know our new neighbors and reconnecting with old friends, scoping out the many facilities around, and generally just savoring life at the slowest pace I ever experienced.

Marina Mazatlan - Gate 6

The first impressive sight here, at about 5 in the afternoon, was the herd of cats popping out of nowhere by the dozens. Every day at that time the cats are fed by volunteers –other Gringo cruiser-residents-, and they know the sound of the food jar! Every cat is spayed/neutered, and to prove it they sport a pointless left ear –the sign of a “fixed” cat. Of course the volunteers are always trying to find good homes for the felines, and we had a hard time resisting the temptation to adopt one… We were introduced to many kittens, but we were cautioned about an adult female cat living on our dock. Her name is Slacker, black as a true witch’s cat and with a reputation for being extremely aggressive and able to put the fear of God into even the biggest dog.  

We eventually met Slacker, as her feeding station is right at our slip. I’ve never been a cat person – having had dogs for the past 22 year -, and don’t know how to relate to them. So I stayed clear of Slacker, giving her a wide berth. Pointless exercise, as she followed me closely rubbing against my legs. This cuddly thing is the Tiger-Cat??? She seems to have adopted us. I’m sure the milk we offer abundantly has nothing to do with her feline devotion…  Anyway, she shows up every morning at 7, jumps on the boat and patiently waits in the cockpit for her breakfast, scaring the bejeesas out of Tom –who’s the first to get out only to find a coal-faced cat intensely staring at him in the face. She already converted me and stole my heart. It’ll be hard to part with her.  

Slacker having breakfast aboard

Sunday 19th was spent at the Whale’s Song Palapa Restaurant located on Isla Mazatlan, a short walk from the docks.

Whale's Song Restaurant and Bocce Field

This is a well known hangout for cruisers, expats, Gringos-turned-residents. They have a bocce ball sandy field, there’s a swimming pool, chairs and tables by the water, and the restaurant serves simple and tasty fare at very reasonable prices. 

Bocce Ball Field

The Sparkling Pool


I  can see why people get here and don’t want to leave! We received a warm welcome, I even had a bocce-ball lesson while Tom gabbed away with new and old friends. A thoroughly nice way of spending our day. 

Jose the Friendly Waiter explaining the Menu

By the way, the boat parts we were waiting for arrived last Friday in the late afternoon. The bad news: the boatyard holding them for us was broken into and burglarized on Friday night and our parts were stolen along with most everything in the yard… What can you do, right? I really feel for the owners –exceedingly nice people- but can’t help thinking… Good thing we hadn’t paid for the parts yet! In any case, today we’ll have a diver go underwater to check our rudder for unusual movement, while a mechanic will check the bearings from the top. As the ominous steering noises mysteriously disappeared after tinkering with the steering cables, we’re hoping that whatever the problem was it’s not so serious as to require parts replacement… I really wouldn’t like to have to wait for more parts to be shipped from the States. Much as I love this place, I already feel the call of the wild! We have decided, however, to spend Christmas here.

Unless, of course, we change our plans one more time!



  1. Hi Lori and Tom,
    Jude (my beautiful new girlfriend) and I are traveling to Lake Atitlan Guatemala this March to attend my brother’s music festival ( Depending on where you guys are at the time, we may have to drop by.

    Buon Natale!


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