Posted by: Sailing Camelot | January 9, 2011

Sat Jan 8 – The Melon Party that never was

Well, everyone noticed The Melon sitting in our cockpit, so we quickly pass around the rumor that there will be a “Kill The Blasted Melon Party” on Camelot later on today. We didn’t specify at what time, though… Slowly but surely people start showing up at three o’clock, bringing various snacks and treats, beers and mysterious liquid concoctions, until there are 20 adults in the cockpit, 2 children downstairs plus two happy dogs roaming around. I guess the conversation (s) must have really been interesting, because not one of us remembered to mention the melon AT ALL. Some of the guys were actually moving the melon around to make room to sit. The dogs were playing with it and trying to hump it. I mean, the damn thing was very much THERE, yet no one thought of cutting it up!!! Including me… I guess we need to try again!

In any case, around 8 at night everyone got off the boat and we all went to a very popular place, Philo’s Bar, to continue the party and get something to eat. Philo’s is famous for music and dancing, but the food is excellent too.  There was a good band playing and when the band took a break, out came the Belly Dancer! Now, that was unexpected… But so much enjoyed by everyone!

We had a blast, as usual. I even got whisked off my feet by our friend Hugh and guided in a two-step dance that left me breathless, sweaty and exhilarated. And seriously thinking about dance lessons… Hugh and Annie from the sailboat Serendipity are two awesome dancers, they do line dancing, two and three-step dancing, every kind of dancing! They’re always the first ones to jump on the dance floor and open the dances and offer a great show. So, to be tossed around by Hugh is considered a treat in my opinion. Finally we left Philo’s and headed home, it was about 11 o’clock, we’re making progress staying up later and later at night!

P.S. The watermelon is still here on the boat…


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