Posted by: Sailing Camelot | January 9, 2011

Sun Jan 9 – Sunday Market Day!!!

We’re still here in the La Cruz Marina, happily shacked up and surrounded by friends –new and old-. I can see how this place could swallow me up. Matter of fact, if we were at the end of our cruising dream, this is the place I’d seriously consider to become my new home. Life here is simple and unhurried, the people are super friendly, there’s always something to do, to see, to learn. There are classes on anything: Spanish, cooking, beading, even belly dancing! We feel very much at home, here. There’s music entertainment every night in one place or the other, artists abound –musicians, painters, sculptors, writers, photographers-. I guess the beauty and sense of freedom in this place inspires the creativity… Surprisingly there’s a myriad of restaurants in this small village, ranging from the very economic Taco On The Street style, a family’s backyard with tables, to the fanciest Mediterranean, Italian, German and Mexican ones. Even an English Pub, for chrissakes! Needless to say, we’ve been indulging. It’s hard not to! The days go by real fast, with tons of people to meet and visit, some excursions, lots of lounging and a fair amount of entertaining.

This morning the church bells rang announcing the Sunday Mass, and after that the Sunday Market in the Plaza! It’s a sort of Farmer’s Market, there are bread, cheese, vegetables stands, lots of local artists selling their jewelry, hand-woven baskets, rugs and textiles, paintings, clothing. A colorful feast for the eyes!

Sunday Market!

We decide to mosey up to Ana Banana’s for breakfast, thinking it wiser to visit the market with a full belly. It’s like going home, we are warmly welcomed by Barry and Ana and the local gang having coffee and bantering. A word about the “local gang”: These are mostly middle-aged, mischievous guys. Mostly expats from Canada and the USA, they are professional pranksters stuck in their teenage years although the ages range from 60 to 80… They’re lots of fun to be around and all have colorful nicknames. There’s Texas John, Crazy Mike, Hawk, Wrong-Way Mike, Washboard Leon. While we wait, Crazy Mike comes to our table and tells me “Lori, I know you love motorcycles, so I brought my Harley for you to take a ride on”. 

Crazy Mike and his "Harley"

Oh, boy. Great, I think, I’d love to take a little ride on a bike, it’s been far too long. I look at Tom, I know he’ll object, but he’s all smiles and encouraging words. Hmmm, I smell a rat… Next thing I know, Crazy Mike brings over the “Harley”… It’s a quad, the smallest one I’ve ever seen, looks like a toy. I’m laughing so hard I can barely stand, but manage to sit on this tiny yellow toy. Crazy Mike insists that I go for a ride, so after a 2 seconds tuition session on how to use the blasted thing, off I ride up and down the uneven and dusty streets of La Cruz. I didn’t go that far, actually. Believe it or not, there’s something deeply wrong with a motorcycle that has 4 wheels… It felt much less stable than my beloved 2-wheeled BMW!


After such a short but intense adventure, I dig into my French Toast breakfast with a renewed appreciation for life.

After promising Barry and the gang to return for dinner (there’s a very talented musician playing tonight), we leave Ana Banana’s to go visit the Sunday Market. Of course we meet a bunch of friends there, too. We spent quite a bit of time chatting and looking at the goods. We even found an item we were actually looking for. We wanted a very small, hand-woven basket that will serve as a lamp shade for our small cockpit light and we got the perfect one!  

Boat Decor


Basket Light at night!

Satisfied with our purchase we head back to the boat for some siesta time. Better be rested to fully appreciate another show tonight. By the way, dinner tonight is ribs, coleslaw and baked potato. I’m IN!

If I get any more spoiled here, I’m never going to leave…



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