Posted by: Sailing Camelot | January 21, 2011

Sunday Jan 16 – Bahia Chamela

 Oh, the wonders a good night’s sleep works on your body! Bright eyed and bushy tailed we greet the day –another gorgeous one!-. Mega-coffee in hand we look around the anchorage to see who’s here, since yesterday we were too hazy-brained to notice. There’s a sprinkle of boats here, a couple of them we know and many others we don’t (but soon will!). As we’re pointing to each other various pretty spots on the beach, a loud splashy noise erupts all around us. We look in the clear water and see literally hundreds of good-sized fish swimming barely below the surface, occasionally jumping, swerving en-masse, just happy to be alive I guess… Or trying to escape a bigger predator? They are soon joined by another huge group of smaller silvery blue fish that decides to hang out under Camelot’s wide, welcoming belly. This racket goes on for a good hour, it’s a very entertaining show. And yet, we are unable to determine which kind of fish they are! I need a book on fish species, soon…. 

Are they going to jump on my boat???


The Feeding Frenzy going on around Camelot

 Later in the afternoon we decide to brave the surf and go to the beach to explore, socialize and get some tasty bite to eat. By sheer luck, or maybe because of Tom’s superior dinghy-landing skills, we manage to get on the beach reasonably dry. 

Dinghy Parking on the Beach

 We find a group of cruisers already sitting in what’s possibly the best spot for beach-watching, so we just grab chairs and join them. I’m terrible with names and my memory is rapidly vanishing, but there were Judy & Mike from Lunautica, Annie & Hugh from Serendipity, Lou & Klaus from White Shell and another couple whose name I’m sure I’ll remember later on… 

Roughin' it on the Beach

 Anyway, over beers and fish tacos we catch up, share our plans, and generally relax. After a while, Tom and I decide to go explore the town behind the beach. It’s called Perula, and there isn’t much to explore, really: the main street, a few tiny stores with smiling people inside, and a plaza. There’s almost no one around, it is Sunday after all and whoever is around would be on the beach, I think. So back to the beach we go, strolling lazily and taking in the view, the colors, the happy kids running around, the gossiping elderly ladies laying completely dressed in the shallow water, the mounds of fishing nets laying in wait.

Local Ladies enjoying the day

Panga ready for action


Fishing Nets

Need an Inflatable Toy?


It’s a long, pleasant afternoon but we decide to get back on Camelot and watch the sunset from the comfort of our cockpit. We already decided to move further South tomorrow morning, some exploring bug bit us and left us itching for more…


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