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Fri Jan 21 to 28 – Our Week in Las Hadas

A week has gone by since we arrived in Las Hadas, and what a week it has been! We were allowed to take full advantage of this wonderful resort.

A strange but very appealing mix of architecture

For those old enough to remember, the movie “10” starring Doodley Moore and Bo Derek, was filmed on these spectacular grounds. We felt quite privileged to spend time in such luxurious and extravagant (for our budget!) settings.

Poolside Restaurant decked out for Italian Night

A few days were spent by the pool, chatting with other vacationing people, sampling delicious Mexican food, swimming and overall taking it extremely easy.  

A Rock in the Pool, who would have thought...

We visited The Paraiso Restaurant, self-proclaimed “Cruiser’s Spot”, for a meal or two.  Here we also had dinner with a handful of fellow cruisers, all anchored out in the bay with us. After dinner our table was approached by a really nice and friendly couple from Tennessee, Sondra and Thomas, there on vacation for a month. A lot of questions about life on a boat were asked and even more compliments paid to the boats. Sondra recognized most of the boats’ names, confessing that she liked to watch the anchorage and the boats with her binoculars. We got a snippet of what “normal” people (read: non-boaters) think of us crazy cruisers. There was also a bit of benign envy for the many adventures that are ahead of us, hopefully every one of them positive… 

We are being observed! But I understand...

A couple of times my friend Annie and I took the bus to Manzanillo for some “girlie” time; we explored the crafts market adjacent to the big Walmart where we purchased some gifts –Mom, you’ll love what I got for you!-. I was enthralled with the textiles as usual, while Annie was concentrating on jewelry.

Another day we ventured out with our men to explore “El Centro”. The bus ride alone is an adventure! For 6 pesos (not even 50 cents) you can travel all over town. The bus picked us up at the resort, which stands on top of the hill, and the ride to town is spectacular and hair-rising at the same time. These drivers are fearless! I know they drive these roads day after day, but for me… Well, here’s my perception: your life flashes in front of your squeezed-shut eyes, that you’ll open only after offering a heartfelt prayer for your safety. The two-way cobblestone road is very narrow, winding and twisted, and drops at a considerably steep angle, but affords incredible views of the Bay. Worth risking your life, I say… Besides, I lived to tell the tale.

A view to die for... Literally!

The town of Manzanillo is divided in two sectors: on one end of the Bay the big stores, Soriana, Mega and Walmart offer convenient provisioning, on the other end lays Manzanillo proper-or “El Centro”- with its little shops, mercados and restaurants. The day of our excursion coincided with the arrival of a cruise ship, so it was slightly crowded but pleasant nonetheless.  

Curious Propeller Sculpture, Cruiseship in the background

In Manzanillo we visited the Mercado Cinco De Mayo, huge stands filled with colorful vegetables, meats, fish, candy, cheese.

Mercado 5 De Mayo

Annie and I were wondering about a strange looking fish displayed, trying unsuccessfully to identify it. In my tentative Spanish I asked “que es esto?” (what’s this?), and I was amazed when the fisherman responded in perfect English “this is a Sierra fish, of the Tuna family”! Even a young Indio lady selling shawls and scarves took time to explain the different fabric compositions and origins in perfect English. It never fails to surprise me, and always thank them for their courtesy in speaking our language.  

Produce on sale!

On the way back to the other side of town the bus took a convoluted route that cut through the residential neighborhood, allowing us a glimpse of the very modest but colorful and clean little houses the locals live in.  

Downtown Manzanillo

I just want to go up there...


It is, however, time to move on. So reluctantly we said goodbye to Las Hadas and Manzanillo Bay, grateful for the truly great time we had here. Who knows, maybe a little stop again on our way back up the coast?

Sailfish Sculpture in Downtown Manzanillo

Manzanillo City Hall



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