Posted by: Sailing Camelot | February 23, 2011

Thu 17th – Onwards and Upwards!

At the ungodly hour of 4:45 we leave Isla Grande, chasing the tail of our friends from Serendipity who left a good hour earlier. We’re heading up the Coast and our itinerary is pretty fuzzy… Yesterday it was decided to stop at a couple of bays on the way up to break the trip into manageable lengths, all depending on weather conditions. For the moment I’m just happy to go, whichever the next port of call may be.

As the day gets brighter I notice with increased frequency dark, shiny humps on the water; there they are, my beloved Turtles!

Just a Hump in the Water

Wait, it’s a Turtle! Actally, TWO!

I’m happily looking around, when I hear this loud thump against the hull. Tom comes up from the cabin with a mildly alarmed look and questioning eyes; we try to guess at what could have caused this noise, with puzzled expressions and scratching of heads… Until we see, by now way behind us, this big hump on the water spinning and spinning away… We hit a turtle and sent it spinning probably all the way to Acapulco! I feel so very sorry!!!


Familiar sight (by now)

The day goes by serenely, though the wind is nowhere to be found and we’re motoring. Whales breach out every now and then, birds interrupt their flights resting on the turtle humps. It’s a little weird from a distance, seeing a bird standing on the water! Only when we get closer we discover that a kind turtle is offering its shell as a resting place.

Hitching a Ride

Splashing away in Outraged Protest

We periodically get in touch via radio with Serendipity, by now we have caught up with them. The Captains decide that with such a friendly sea and favorable current it’s worth continuing the trip without stopping. So our day trip becomes an overnighter, as we set on a new destination: Las Hadas, Manzanillo Bay. We were there three weeks ago and knew that we’d return on our way back. So with minor adjustments to out course we keep going

Not one, but TWO obstacles!

I want to give credit where credit is due: all of the pictures above were taken by Anne of Serendipity. She is a superior photographer, with a superior camera and undoubtedly superior skills. And she doesn’t mind sharing… You rock, Anne!


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