Posted by: Sailing Camelot | March 7, 2011

Mon Mar 7th – Adios, Paraiso! You’ll be forever in our hearts.

We leave at 10 in the morning with feelings of gratitude towards Juan, whom regaled us with exceedingly pleasant memories of this enchanted place. For some reason, I also feel a lot better knowing that this is not a public place and that Juan is reverentially taking good care of his Grandpa’s property. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see Paraiso again, but I know we’ll never forget it. Farewell and thank you so very much, Juan!

Adios, Paraiso! Thank you for the Hospitality.

 A little over an hour is all it takes us the reach Bahia Chamela, where we’ll spend a day or two before proceeding North toward our destination, La Cruz near Puerto Vallarta. There are five other boats anchored here, and yes, you guessed right… Cocktails on Camelot at 5 pm. Tom has already taken care of that within about 15 minutes of our arrival. Can you say “Social Butterfly”???



  1. No postings for a while? Where are you guys? Don’t you know I’m living vicariously through you these days? That’s all that gets me through tax season. UGGHHH

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