Posted by: Sailing Camelot | May 13, 2011

Thu May 12th – The Coffee Machine abandoned us!

After a night of good, solid, uninterrupted sleep, the first thing our little heart desires is an oversized mug of coffee. Well, not this morning! Our precious, faithful, airline-style 3 yr old coffee maker gives up the ghost. There have been a few warnings lately, but this is unexpected. And I finally realize I’m a caffeine addict, with withdrawal symptoms, mood swings and all… So off I go to the nearby luxury hotel, a short walk away, returning triumphantly with two steamy coffees. As soon as we’re totally awake, we’re going to Walmart to get a household coffee maker… Yes, there’s a Walmart close by… Yes, even in Mazatlan, Mexico. After this necessary errand and some boat chores, it’s back to the pool for us!

Local residents

We’re amiably chatting with vacationing people and residents alike. One of the residents, Earl, comes by the pool every afternoon around 15:00 armed with a bagful of lettuce, tomatoes, fruit and bread. He sits in a corner and is instantly swarmed by at least 30 Iguanas of various sizes and ages, all eagerly awaiting his treats. Just like dogs, but much better behaved! 

I'm Green and Proud of It!

Such a Poser!

I’m thinking of some wilting lettuce and slightly less than fresh tomatoes that I have in the fridge…


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