Posted by: Sailing Camelot | May 27, 2011

May 25th – To Puerto Escondido!

As lovely as Agua Verde is, we are eager to reach Puerto Escondido, our next port of call. It’s a mere 4 hour trip further north. We’re
up and running by 10 o’clock, waving goodbye to yet another unforgettable place.

This trip too is uneventful, not even a dolphin in sight… We’re traveling close to the coast, so I concentrate my photographic efforts on the peaks of the Sierra Giganta, a chain of mountainous rocks that runs the whole length of the Bahia California Peninsula. The scenery is breathtaking, huge rocks dropping straight in the Sea, the contrast of the vivid colors incredible. My trusted Canon is hot in my hands. I get some truly incredible pictures of wispy clouds floating in the cerulean sky like some delicate brush strokes. Nature is truly the primary form of art.

My Personal Interpretation of Heaven

Random Rocks sticking out of the Water, keeping us alert and amazed.

The last third of the trip towards Puerto Escondido takes us through a scattering of rocks, islets and islands, all tickling my curiosity. I wish I could drop my kayak and paddle around, but… not yet.

This mini island is begging to be explored!!!

Scissor Island - Yep, that's its name, I kid you not.

By 14:00 we enter the cozy little bay of Puerto Escondido. There’s a mooring field, the Harbor Master assigns us to one of them and we quickly take our rightful place. There are about 40 boats in the mooring field, we’re all comfortably spread out and there’s still a lot of room for more.

After completing the check-in formalities with the Port Captain we’re free to enjoy our stay.

We’ll call this home for the next 3 or 4 days.



  1. che sogno leggere i vostri report! divertiti con la tua canon penso farai centinaia di scatti. felice week end un baciotto anche a tom!

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