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Tue May 24th – Coronation Ceremony in Agua Verde

It’s another wonderful day of enjoying life in one of the finest places on earth. We get to thoroughly enjoy the scallops provided by
Manuel, and what a treat that was! Maybe we ate a little in excess, to be truthful… We spend an easy day aboard, alternating light chores to periods of utter relaxation.

We make our way back to the village in the late afternoon around 6 o’clock. The Fiesta is to start soon and Tom is very anxious to be the first in line. The villagers gather around the basketball court, where the event will unfold.

The Basketball Court - Location of most Public Events

Women are busy setting up their cooking pots, men are fiddling around with the (LOUD) sound system, toddlers and children are running all over the place chased by playful dogs, cows are wandering the streets. We Gringos are all huddled in the shade of a big palm tree, watching the commotion.  Well, since the show is a little delayed I think I’ll wander about and take some pictures!

Kindergarden and Primary School

There’s even a little jail in this place, very official looking, with two cells for potential unlucky offenders. I just have to snoop.
The cells are very small, a place where I wouldn’t like to spend even a minute, but the steel doors are rusted open: a sign that they’ve not been used for a while? I don’t see many opportunities for crime, here. Maybe the occasional obnoxious drunk… I chuckle as I share a private joke. I’m thinking: would a drunken man prefer going to jail instead of facing his own wife at home? Mexican women
are known to be strong and feisty…

The Federal Jail

My guide Osvaldo, showing the entrance to the cells at the back of the jailhouse

The ceremony starts at last. The Lady Mayor of the village first introduces the Maid of Honor and her escort. The couple walks the
perimeter of the basketball court, taking their position.

Maid Of Honor and her escort

Next follow the Princess and Prince.

The Princess and The Prince

Finally, the 2011 Queen of Agua Verde makes her entrance with her escort. He is not introduced, so I’m not sure if he’s the King or

Esmeralda, Queen of Agua Verde 2011, with her escort

The Queen’s name is Esmeralda. They all seat in the Coronation Corner on one side of the court, where soon a glittery crown is ceremoniously placed upon the Queen’s head. With a lesser degree of pomp, another crown is placed upon the Princess’ head.

The Royal Posse

The festivities may now begin.

To warm up the crowd –of maybe 60 people-, a very young girl dances to the tune of a Mexican disco song, lip-synching and strutting about, a fake Madonna-style microphone sticking out the side of her head. She’s maybe 14 or 15, and she gives her best.
I commend her for her courage. Opening the show is not an easy task!

The Next Madonna - should be on Mexican Idol

Next we have a mock rooster fight, the roosters impersonated by two young kids, with two slightly older kids as the roosters’ proud owners.  It’s hilarious!

Rooster Fight

Saving the best for last: a couple of very young girls in Hawaiian attire sway with the music, performing their Hula dance. In a thoroughly deserved thunder of applause they conclude the entertainment for the evening.

Primary School Hula Dancers

The cutest and most talented of the Performers

The Queen and her entourage strut back the whole perimeter, while the Mayor is announcing over the microphone that starting tomorrow applications for next year’s Queen will be accepted. The applicants should be under 30 years of age and unmarried. Jeez,  the freshly crowned Queen is not even off the court yet!

I wish I could have understood more of what this tradition is all about, but my Spanish is limited. We enjoyed the ceremony enormously, regardless.


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