Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 12, 2011

Sat Jun 11th – Isla Bargo

Today we go visit Isla Bargo, a small islet about a mile from out home-base. It’s a straight shot, a fast dinghy ride of maybe five minutes. Tom thinks the island used to be a volcano, the shape seems to suggest as much but we find nothing to corroborate his theory. Better go underwater and investigate…

Tom getting ready to explore Isla Bargo

Isla Bargo

It’s amazingly beautiful down there. We end up staying in the water for such a long time, our hands are all pruned-up!  We walk the small beach, observing our surroundings. So many birds, colorful and lively, are all around us. And they’re not shy, some flying very close to us, others curiously observing us from their perch.

I'm telling you, Fred! The fish that got away was THIS big!

Sharp-beaked creatures

Grace in Flight

I'd be screaming too If I had to stand on a Cactus...

The colors of the water, the amazing rock formations, all this incredible fauna both above and below water. It’s almost overwhelming to take in! We return to our welcoming boat a little tired but well satisfied. And tomorrow we get to do it again!

Rush Hour underwater at Isla Bargo

Swimming with the Sargeant Majors

My Lucky Star

This guy would look really good on my grill...

But now is time for a siesta, we better be fresh and rested for our visit to Bertha’s Beach Club Restaurant tonight.


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