Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 14, 2011

El BURRO COVE – Shark Encounters

This has been our longest stay to date. We ended up living in this welcoming and friendly place for more or less a whole month.

Camelot at rest in El Burro Cove

The days went by fast, at times filled with fun activities and at times with lazy hours, but never dull.

The Relaxing Hour

Tom’s lifelong wish to swim with the Whale Sharks has been granted . One late afternoon a young and curious specimen came wandering in the bay, lazily spinning circles around Camelot and other neighboring boats. He swam close to the surface, and REALLY close to our boat.

This is a YOUNGSTER???

Whale Shark

Immediately upon sighting, Tom grabbed his fins and mask and  hastily dove after the shark. I have to say, it was really funny seeing Tom trying to put his mask on over his sunglasses, which he forgot he had on in all the excitement… So off he went, fearlessly diving underwater to get some prime shots of this puppy Whale Shark.

Scary Monster, but such a gente creature

There was definitely a mutual attraction. The shark kept turning his massive head sideways to take a good look at Tom. Its tiny eyes are low on the side, almost on the corner of its mouth.

The Eyes are really close to the Mouth

This little bay is home –or playing ground- to so many species. We get a variety of visitors: sharks, turtles, rays. Some of them, like this turtle, like to hang around every day for hours.

Turtle swimming beside Camelot


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