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July 6th to 10th – Sweet Pea Cove – San Marcos Island

We proceed a few miles further north to our designated anchorage, Sweet Pea Cove. I know, what a funny name, right? We’re told the name Sweet Pea belonged to a fishing vessel that sadly sank in this cove quite a few years ago.

The Welcome Committee

The water is crystal clear as we arrive and we can spot a sandy bottom peppered with patches of rocks. Nearby lay a number of various reefs, from barely submerged to 10 feet high above the water.  This is definitely an area that begs to be explored. The snorkeling should be spectacular.

About a mile away, just a short dinghy ride from our “home base”, there are sea caves to be explored. We take off early one morning in search of the famous Caleta de Los Arcos (Cove of the Arches), looking for two sea caves that are accessible by dinghy or kayak. And we find them! 

The entrance to the main cave is very low and we’re laying flat as pancakes on the dinghy for just a few, claustrophobic seconds. We’re rewarded with a tiny pebble beach where we park”.

Local Resident

Well, HELLLLOOOO there!

The color of the water is in shades of emerald and jade, a stark contrast with the blue-grays and mauve of the surrounding rock walls.
There is something of a vaulted ceiling above us with a hole in the middle that lets light filtrate through.

Cave Man!

We don our gear and start swimming towards enticing little caves that are all connected. At times we have to swim underwater for a short distance in some sort of tunnel that connects the various “chambers”. I’m too distracted by the colors and the fish to worry about getting my big butt stuck in the rocks…

After a good couple of hours in the cool waters, thoroughly satisfied and loaded with underwater pictures, we make our way back to the ever-welcoming Camelot.

Underwater Traffic Jam

You don't want to sit on this...

I see Stars!

and more Stars!

We end up spending the rest of the day “recovering” and resting, with a book in one hand and a bottle of icy water in the other. It is quite hot, and there’s very little breeze.

There are only three or four other boats anchored around us, enough to have company when desired and privacy when needed. Just perfect!

We spend five days in Sweet Pea Cove, and I would have liked to stay longer, but… We’re running a bit low on supplies and we crave some Internet connection –after about a month without it!-, so we reluctantly get ready to leave.

Last evening at Sweet Pea Cove - Isla San Marcos


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