Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 19, 2011

July 11th – Santa Rosalia

Strangely, this morning we wake up under a sky loaded with big gray puffy clouds. What? No sunshine??? How unusual! On top of that, our normally deserted little bay is littered with big fishing vessels, almost all shrimpers, combing the surrounding sea.  I counted 13 of them!

The Shrimpers

They're all around us

Rusty but Seaworthy!

Not looking good there, buddy!

Well, I guess it’s time to change venues.

The next stop, a mere 11 miles away, is the popular coastal town of Santa Rosalia. After almost two hours of a rolly ride with swelling waves hitting our sides, we get into the small Harbor.

There are two Marinas here, both fully occupied, not a slip available at the moment. Luckily, it is possible to set anchor within the protected confines of the Harbor and that suits us just fine.

Santa Rosalia Harbor - We're the third Boat from the left

View of the Harbor from above

Cruisers come and go, so we know that within a few days we’ll be able to secure a spot at the dock. Nothing wrong with being at anchor, but there are chores to do. Wash poor, filthy and salty Camelot, for starters! Catch up with some sewing projects, maybe. And some heavy duty reprovisioning. All of the above is done so much more comfortably while tied to a dock.

I guess we’ll stay here a few days… This is a cute, friendly, working town! Tourism hasn’t yet taken hold, here. Santa Rosalia begun as a company town for a French copper mining company. The copper mining operations were shut down in 1986, but a new vein has recently been found and mining has resumed. Between that, the fish processing and canning plants and the Guaymas/Santa Rosalia Ferry, Santa Rosalia is a vibrant, bustling town.

The Mining Plant

This is one pretty little Town!

The town is also nicknamed El Inferno, due to the very hot summer temperatures. Lucky us, we get to experience the full blast of heat and humidity. Which leaves us with little energy  for chores… So I guess we’ll do a little every day and stay a little longer. Sheesh, what’s the rush anyway?

We’ll have an update on our Santa Rosalia adventures coming soon…


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