Posted by: Sailing Camelot | October 13, 2011

27th – Puerto Don Juan (Puerto Pollo)

I get to drive Camelot for the whole whopping 5 miles that separates Bahia Los Angeles to Puerto Don Juan, in flat calm waters. Negotiating some pointy rocks and shallow water, I skillfully enter the protected cove of Puerto Don Juan under the watchful eye of Capt. Tom who nods in approval. I should do it more often and give Merlin (the autopilot) a break!

Already a number of boats are here, anticipating the Party. We claim our spot and soon the socializing begins. There are friends here we haven’t seen for a while and it’s good to catch up with everyone.

The Entrance of Puerto Don Juan - view from inside the BayWhoo-Hooo! There's company and there will be a Party!

Puerto Don Juan –I learn- also bears the nickname “Puerto  Pollo”  (Pollo=Chicken).  The reason for this curious name? Being such a protected anchorage, boaters seek and find refuge here in the event of a hurricane, or just to escape the whipping winds that often sweep Bahia Los Angeles. So, basically, if you want to be a Chicken you’ll hide here. I’m more than happy to be a Chick for a few days!

Could this be the Pollo of Puerto Pollo?

Hmm... I called him Pollo and got the Evil Red Eye...

The duration of our stay, four days, is punctuated by the daily 4 O’Clock Swim and other fun activities. Here, courtesy of the Salonah crew, I learn how to dig for clams. Here, courtesy of a bunch of great cruising ladies, I have my first encounter with beading –something that I’d never considered doing in my previous life, given my lack of patience!-

Heartfelt thanks to Hermie of Ewa for the supply of materials and the patient teaching, and to Rita of Overheated, Annie of Vy’ger, Marsha of Juniata and Cindy of Bravo for the great company. These ladies are all so very creative; some are true artists, creating unique pieces of jewelry while having fun. I think this is the start of a new hobby for me…

We spent a few hours in the air-conditioned “living room” on Camelot, happily beading and yakking, while Tom was exiled up in the hot cockpit. Well, it was his choice… “All this estrogen makes me dizzy”, he said, and disappeared…

The End of The Season Party was a great success, held on the beach and attended by everyone. As usual on these occasions, the food was incredibly tasty and the company superb. I contributed my usual Italian Focaccia and a Bread Pudding that was my first attempt, but ended up being actually good…

The "Window" overlooking Bahia de Los Angeles


A Picture Perfect Place

From here we will all separate and scatter in different directions, so it was a fitting way to say good-bye and celebrate the good times we enjoyed together.

Surreal Scenery: Image shot at the crack of Dawn


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