Posted by: Sailing Camelot | October 13, 2011

Oct 1st – Isla Partida

In our minds, this is the start of our slow “leaving Mexico” itinerary. We have visited the Sea of Cortez to our satisfaction, now it’s time to reach Mainland Mexico and head south. It will take us a couple of short stops in the Midriff Islands before we get to the Mainland.

Today we’re headed for Isla Partida, about three hours away. Upon arrival, we’re thrilled to notice crystal clear waters and great visibility! Heck, it’s not often I get to see my anchor buried in the sand in 27 feet of water… As soon as Camelot stops moving, Tom is already in the water, clamoring for me to join him and go explore the reef. I’m game for some snorkeling, so off we go! The water is chillier than I’d like, but some vigorous swimming temporarily solves that problem. We end up swimming a loop of two miles and by the time we return to Camelot, we’re both shivering. Summer must be ending…

Isla Partida

Despite the great visibility in the water, well, we don’t find much sea life to watch! The snorkeling today is disappointing. Later in the evening we welcome Jim & Juanita from Arctic Tern, who are sharing this small anchorage with us. Over a good pasta dinner, Jim tells us about their totally different and much better snorkeling experience. I guess their corner of the bay is better for finding fish! To prove this theory, Jim presents us with a nice piece of freshly speared fish. Thanks, guys!


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