Posted by: Sailing Camelot | October 13, 2011

Sep 24th – The Village Bahia de Los Angeles

Swapping the peaceful waters of La Gringa for gale-force winds, we make our grand entrance to Bahia de Los Angeles. Damn, it’s only 6 miles from one place to the other, but what a difference! We were here just a few weeks ago, back now for a very special reason: The End of The Season Party!

The anchorage is peppered with sailboats, at least 30 of them. All will be attending the Party which will be held at Puerto Don Juan –not far from here.

We have just enough time to enjoy a well-deserved hamburger at Guillermo’s before the winds start howling. On and off, for the next 36 hours we get to experience vicious gusts of wind up to 45 knots. It is our formal introduction to the phenomenon known as the Elefantes. We can’t leave the boat, in case we need to move quickly. The boat is pitching and rolling, I’m cranky for the whole duration, while Tom is just resigned. I was NOT in the mood to take pictures, sorry!

Since we’ve already been here and seen what is there to see, on the morning of the 27th we head to Puerto Don Juan.


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