Posted by: Sailing Camelot | November 4, 2011

Oct 7th – San Carlos, Sonora

What a beautiful Marina! This is possibly the best one we’ve seen in all of Mexico. Good thing, as it will be our home for a month at least.
There are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from, all within walking distance. There’s also a small, pretty well stocked chandlery. No wonder this place is so popular with the cruisers!

Strolling around the Docks, this is what we see


The San Carlos Marina Offices

Once a year, usually in October, I fly home (Italy) to visit my family. This year I’m going alone. Tom will stay with Camelot, taking care of various maintenance tasks. Camelot is also getting a new stainless steel arch, which not only will make her look snazzy but will also support our solar panels.

In the few days left before I leave for Italy, we explore San Carlos and Guaymas. San Carlos, as far as I can see, is pretty much a long stretch of road with homes and little shops on the side. Guaymas, however, is a truly buzzing Mexican town. We found ourselves visiting the local open market and that in itself was quite entertaining. There are all the major “Gringo”
stores here: Sam’s Club, Walmart, Ley’s, etc. You can find everything you need. For 12 Pesos you can ride the bus (another entertaining experience!) from the San Carlos Marina to Guaymas. I’m willing to go back  to take pictures, since I didn’t have my camera with me that day…

Our Dock Gate. Pretty, don't you think?



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