Posted by: Sailing Camelot | November 14, 2011

November 3rd – “Say It With Food”

Well, by now Tom is on a first name basis with pretty much everyone here, from the Marina workers to the waiters and waitresses at the various restaurants. It is starting to feel like home! The people here are so friendly and helpful, and we’re grateful for the many little favors and the attention they pay us; they play a huge part in making our stay pleasant.

Tom, ever the party guy, decided to do a Dockworkers Feed to honor these hard working guys; it’s our way to say “Thank You”. I’m thinking of starting an “InterPasta – Say It With Food” tradition, here. You know, inspired by the InterFlora Say It With Flowers idea…

On the morning of Thursday the 3rd, Tom is on a mission: he’s the designated Cook, and he wants to do Spaghetti in Ragout Sauce. This is a typical Italian dish, but even I defer to Tom since he cooks a truly mean Ragout sauce! My contribution to this team effort is the lowly cleanup task (not a small thing, after Tom’s mess!)

The First Shift!


Anyway, at about 12 noon the guys start showing up. Within a couple of minutes we have 12 hungry men sitting at the table! Well, some were sitting at the table, some on the couch with a plate on their lap, some sitting on the steps. In any case, who cares, we’re not formal here… And everyone was happily chomping away! The best compliment they could pay Tom? They all came up for seconds! Good thing we cooked 3 Kg of spaghetti…

It was a very gratifying experience for us and every single one of these guys was very appreciative, so it was a great outcome for all involved (even if I’m still scraping sauce off the galley cabinets). As they leave to go back to work, the guys ask us “what time is Dinner?”


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