Posted by: Sailing Camelot | November 14, 2011

November 4th – The Early Birthday Present!

After months of driving my husband crazy, the object(s) of my obsession shows up. I can stop nagging, now.

It all started back in September, during our stay in Bahia Gonzaga. It was there that I first saw the object of my desire: a lean, mean, paddling machine! A Super Kayak, the perfect mean of transportation. I saw this lady paddling around in it, took a thorough close look, made a note of the brand and model, and started scheming… Now, I’m not one for wanting and I
usually don’t throw tantrums, but… I CAN! What Lori wants, Lori gets… Not even two months later, I got what I wanted. Feminine persistence wins again… With a lot of assistance, though…

It has to be said that the kayak I wanted comes from California, which added to the complexity. Trying to get stuff to Mexico without paying a fortune in duties is an art in itself. That’s where our good friends Craig and Linda came to the rescue. They’re from Tucson, Arizona, and they often drive to their casita in Puerto Penasco, Mexico – about 300 miles from San Carlos.

These things sticking out traveled from Tucson, Arizona to San Carlos, MX

They look mean, and they're still on the truck!

They volunteered -or were forced, it’s not clear – to be our “mules” and drive the kayaks to San Carlos. Yes, there are now TWO kayaks. You didn’t think I’d leave Tom deprived of a kayak, did you? He got a nice green one.

In any case, Craig and Linda arrived with my early Birthday present. I know it was quite complicated for them to do that, and for all the trouble they went through I’m profoundly grateful. Thank you guys, you truly are the best!

And special thanks to my Mom, which financed my Birthday present and Tom’s Christmas present! Yes, my nagging went on all the way to Italy… I guess everyone is happy I got my wish, for peace is finally restored!

Lori is happy.

Do I look happy enough? Because I AM!



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