The Crew

Tom, currently a Police Officer, is the undisputed Captain. Cruising with the ambition of circumnavigating has been a lifelong dream of his. During the past few years, Tom has earned his 100 Ton Captain’s License and in his spare time he drives ferries, does private deliveries, teaches courses on electronic navigation. He is also a Deck Officer on the Potomac, President Roosevelt’s Yacht. He keeps his toes in many puddles…

Lori left the corporate world a few years ago and began working in the maritime industry, first at Berkeley Marine Center and then Svendsen’s Boatworks. Althought Tom has more experience sailing, when Camelot needs parts or repairs, Lori is the expert! She also developed an interest in marine sewing and apprenticed for one year in the marine canvas field. Since then, Lori has gone off on her own doing canvas work and prior to leaving was the San Francisco Bay area installer for

Lori’s many roles aboard Camelot include: Admiral, Galley Slave, Captain’s Assistant and Deck Boss. She shares Tom’s passion for the sea and unquenchable thirst for adventure.

Admiral Lori



  1. mitici =)

    un abbraccio

  2. waiting for your news….

  3. How many more days? I am so jealous!

  4. Hi Tom and Lori! Hey Tom…just got my wife and I a sailing lesson package for her 40th… so this is how it starts, eh!?

  5. ..hiiii..che felice per voi…che bello!!=)..basciniii

  6. just read about the crew. My wife and I sail out of Salem, Ma and we were thinking of getting boat shirts
    Mine would read “Captain” and hers would read “Owner”.

  7. Lordy…..

    Great website…..congratulations on doing the dream.

    Never got to clear coat the names on the aft qtrs.

    Oh well. Guess I’ll just have to charge you an arm and a leg when it need replacing.

    (Hint) in the next port buy some clear coat nail polish. Infact buy two. If something starts to lift, just paint the edge, let it set for 10 seconds and restick it. On the gold, if it starts to delaminate do the same, coat the gold area with a light brushing of the nail polish.

    My best to you both. Spread your joy. The world can use it.


    • George, thanks much for the advice! We were just wondering what to do in case the lettering misbehaved… now we know!

  8. Hi there,

    I came across your blog after looking at posts on the Cruiser Forum discussing AIS systems. I had to say hello, we also have a yacht called Camelot. Her previous owners sailed her from San Fransisco to New Zealand where we purchased her. We now live in Perth filling the kitty to enable us to begin dream of sailing around the world. Camelot is also our little kingdom, we live on her full time and have done so for 4 years.

    All the best and fair winds


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