Where are we?

Follow this link to see a map of where we’ve been and where we are currently located. Like the rest of this blog, the map will be updated as we get Internet access

In addition, when under way we provide regular weather reports to the 14300.net and they log our position reports to SHIPTRAK. Go to this map and search for our call sign (KJ6BIG) to see our latest position.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your soon (july) retirement. Good well done.

  2. Hello Tom and Lori,
    Just checking in with you all. Following your journey makes me want to retire.
    I see you are enjoying yourselves and you deserve it. Take care.

    Roger Mason
    City of bezerkeley

  3. Hi guys,

    All the best for 2012!
    We’re back in Holland again with lots of rain and wind but ….. not as cold as last year 🙂
    Hope to see you again in April when we sail Mangareva with Mark & Gail to El Salvador.

    P.s. Nico photo’s!!!


    Nico & Elyn

  4. Tom and Lori: Thanks for the Marine net list. Hard to find list. Leaving on my second circumnavigation in 2013 from Kehma Texas. Sailing an Islander 53 and looking forward to the move.

  5. Great to hear from you Tom and I am pleased to see that your travels have landed you in sunny Florida. I will be retired in 15months and then off to the next adventure in life.

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