Contact Us

For now the most reliable way of contacting us is through email at:  S/V Camelot

Also when we have internet our Skype ID is: sv_camelot


  • Vessel: 2006 Catalina 470 (Sloop Sailboat)
  • DESCRIPTION: Sloop Sailboat, white hull with blue trim
  • REG NO. 1191343
  • SHIP CALL: WDD9295
  • MMSI: 367309520
  • VHF, Marine SSB, SAT Phone
  • Six Person Liferaft (Switlik SAR-6)


  1. Can’t wait for worm days and cheep beer. Hot tacos and polka bands.
    Nice meeting you two.

  2. Tom

    Heard you chatting on 4149 This morning, 9/29. We meet in the Berkeley Marine Center last year when I was doing the electrical on Rapid Transit and you were still working.

    Couldn’t key up as I was listening on a radio in my shop (garage) not aboard a boat.

    Anyhow, just wanted to say Hi and wish you luck on your voyage.


  3. Hey Guys, I don’t know you Tom but I ran into Lori a million times at Svendsen’s. I saw your Ham posting at the Southbound list and since there are not that many Lori’s sailing south this fall I figured to look at your blog.
    I hope to run into you both soon, I am sailing back south from Guyamas to La Cruz in a few weeks and may see you around La Paz or otherwise in the Banderas Bay later on.

    Have a great trip down,

  4. Hey you two, congratulations – you did it.
    We are currently in Berkeley and will probably head back to Mazatlan and Mystical Crumpet some time in November before crossing the sea for La Paz and then north up the sea.
    Keep in touch as our paths may cross.
    Fair winds and happy sailing.
    P.S. Is this the best way to contact you?

  5. Hey Kids,

    Delighted to hear you are well, happy and having fun. Happy New Year.

    You are missed around the old Potomac.


  6. Tom & Lori,
    It was great meeting you guys this morning at breakfast.. Enjoy your adventures. What a great way to realize what is really important in life.

    Hey Lori, come on! You are a few days behind on the blog.. Get with it… (sorry I had to say that)…


  7. Thanks for keeping us updated regarding your progress; good job. I noted you found Paresio and I was surprised at that, but how did you miss Careyes? That is a must stop! If you need some details on the anchorage, write, but I expect you will find plenty of local knowledge around there

    John Lake KO6QO

  8. Lori and Tom,
    We were up at first light to see you sail away, but alas, we missed you. So, we just want to say how fun it was meeting and visiting with you at Las Hadas yesterday. We are somewhat envious of your lives and maybe can live vicariously through you from this point. Have a wonderful time out there on the beautiful sea, who knows we might meet again.
    Sondra and THomas

  9. Love the journal. I only noticed one missed stitch in the sewing. Hard to cook with beer when you have no water. Back in Reno then off to Hawaii, then back to the desert. He finished his Master’s in Tax and they have moved to Campbell. Their life is great but they do not have a “Camelot”. We send our love.

  10. Daragh and I really enjoyed reading all the antics of SV Camelot along the way. We think you too are having way too much fun! Especially enjoyed your new doggy friends at La Casita. Do you think the little fellow, Dawgie, would fit in my carry – on bag? Tempting!
    Cathy and Daragh

  11. Hey Tom & Lori,
    It’s been a long time since we chatted. I have made some changes in my life since then. I want to invite you to my wedding in August if you are around. Reply back to ROGERAT1HORSES@GMAIL.COM or on facebook at ROGER MASON.

    Take care and Happy Sails.

  12. I found some photos on the web and want to use them in our book, Our Island in the Sun. We published several years ago and are doing a revised edition. Would like permission to use the photos. We cruised the same course you did leaving in 1996 and published thru Trafford Publishing. Do you have a book out? Garry and Carol Domnisse.

    • You are welcome to use any of our photos for your book, we only ask you give credit to Lori Jeremiason.

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