Posted by: Sailing Camelot | November 7, 2010

Paradise at Last

Playa del Amor

For the last three days we have been at the dock in the Cabo San Lucas Marina. The town is very tourist oriented and at times it seems a little like Las Vegas, instead of Mexico. The Marina itself was wonderful and the staff was very helpful, but it was very expensive at $150 per night, which included a 25% discount for being part of the Baja Ha-Ha Rally. I guess when you have the only marina for 25 miles, you charge what you want.

Our view of the Beach

Because of so many boats arriving all at once I think the immigration officials were overwhelmed, but did a great job. We contracted with an agent to complete our paperwork and the next day we had visas and were checked in with the Port Captain.

On Saturday we had a visit from the Mexican Version of the Food and Drug Administration. She was very nice and did not confiscate our meat or fruit, but just asked that we consume it on the boat and not take it ashore.

Princess Cruise ship anchored near us

Today, we left the Marina and moved to the anchorage, just East of the the entrance to Cabo San Lucas Marina. We are anchored about 1/2 mile off shore in 50 feet of water. We are now one of those sailboats you look at from the beach while you’re on vacation…

Our view is spectacular and the pool temperature (Pacific Ocean) is a balmy 80 degrees. The weather is great and we plan on staying for at least two days before we start up the coast to La Paz.

That is enough for now… It’s hot and it is time for a swim!

The water is great!


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