Posted by: Sailing Camelot | January 1, 2011

Leaving Chacala for Punta Mita

Thursday December 30th

We better get moving if we want to get to La Cruz in time for the New Years’ Eve festivities. We easily pull up our anchor and leave this magical place by 7:45 in the morning. It’s going to be a short and easy trip; we motor close enough to the coast to enjoy some really good views. I’m less nervous about potential whale encounters. We know they’re out there and are getting used to “the signs”: tall spouts of vaporizing water as they breathe close to the surface, the tip of a huge fin barely visible. Clusters of birds usually like to fly close to them, so wherever I see birds I look closely on the water for spouts. And I do see a few, and a few long fins breaking out of the water, and a lot of huge tails splashing out and back in the water. Thankfully, they’re far enough from us to feel safe, but close enough to see with binoculars.

Whale Tail!!!

We round Punta Mita, a pretty, well developed but still enchanting touristic spot, and decide to stop in the small, protected bay for the rest of the day and spend the night here.

Rounding Punta Mita

 In front of the bay we can see the Tres Marietas, small islands teeming with wildlife. It’s a popular snorkeling spot and there are numerous boats taking tourists up and down. Despite the shallow depths of the Bay, whales like to swim close to it. We are treated to more views of these wonderful , powerful animals.

Our View from Camelot

After over three weeks, we are reunited with two other cruising boats we spent a lot of time with, Red Sky and Perfect Wave. Our friends see us arriving and anchoring from the beach and within minutes they arrive hooting and hollering, spinning doughnuts around us with their dinghies, almost colliding against each other in their noisy and joyful welcome.

It is good to see them again. We spend the rest of the day catching up with each other.


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