Posted by: Sailing Camelot | February 14, 2011

Tue Feb 8th – Zihuatanejoooo!

Time flies when you’re having fun, as you can probably tell by our silence… Our 10 days in this beautiful little town –which is much more than just a fishing village nowadays- have been spent well.  Mostly we strolled around town sampling the local cuisine, taking in the sights, admiring the many bronze statues gracing the streets. 

Postcard Perfect View


One of the Many Bronze Statues in Town


We both managed to get a nasty cold, Tom first and –inevitably- I ended up getting it too. To speed up the healing process we baked our sinuses on the beach. Las Gatas Playa remains our favorite, and we ended up returning there day after day. Most of the Palapa Bar & Restaurant owners are now on a first name basis with Tom. 

The Malecon - Main Street by the Beach


My husband has a way with people that I envy. Early one morning while having coffee in the cockpit he noticed a Panga (fishing boat) with five fishermen aboard, intent on tossing their net right under our boat (there was a huge presence of sardines enjoying the shady spot under Camelot’s hull). After a few minutes observing the men working, Tom greeted them with his booming, friendly voice offering them freshly brewed coffee. The fishermen were surprised, maybe they didn’t understand right away, but in the end they got the meaning of Tom’s pointing at his supersized coffee mug and they shyly accepted. So we poured them coffee in big foam cups, they thanked us with big grins and left to go fish in the open sea. The sardines caught with the net were to be the bait for the day.

Fishermen Mending Nets

 At dusk that same day the Panga came back with two men, Tony the boss and his apprentice Xavier. We learned that Tony speaks pretty good English when he offered Tom a big chunk of a sailfish he caught that day. They chatted with Tom for a few minutes before returning to port as it was getting dark.

At sunset the next day Tony returned, this time bringing a 2 feet long Spanish Mackerel that he insisted we accept as a gift. We invited him aboard and offered him a cold Cerveza (beer) and had a nice little chat about his family and work. He was quite disappointed to learn that we were leaving the next day, as he really wanted to take us out fishing in his Panga named Kayla. Well, we now have a friend in Zihuatanejo, a reason good enough to consider returning… And all over a cup of coffee! 

Local Hand-Woven Textiles


My Favorite Work Of Art


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