Posted by: Sailing Camelot | April 30, 2011

Practicing The Shrimp Dance

Tue Apr 26th

We leave Jaltemba early this morning; it sure feels less joyous traveling backwards when your original plans directed you forward. How do shrimps do it, day after day? But, such is the nature of cruising.

A few hours later we arrive back to Marina La Cruz and tie up at the exact same slip we left just 2 days ago. Of course we spent a good length of time repeating our troublesome story to all the people we know at the Marina. The phrase “I thought you left!” must have been heard by our weary ears a couple thousand times… But it’s good to see that people were genuinely pleased to see us again. And we were missing for only a couple of days!

Immediately Tom gets in touch with Richard of Vallarta Chandlery, who will be our saving grace in fixing our problem. Over the next few days ensues a flurry of testing, troubleshooting, head-scratching, phone calls to tech-support, brainstorming. Poor Camelot looks like a war zone inside! Like on most boats, the vital systems are buried deep inside the hull, covered with many spare parts stored right on top. There’s barely room to move around, we feel a little claustrophobic and more than a little crabby. It’s going to be a very long week, I can tell.


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