Posted by: Sailing Camelot | May 13, 2011

Wed May 11th – Hola, El Cid!

We enter Mazatlan waters around 8:00am; another hour takes us to the entrance of El Cid Marina, where we’ll spend a couple of days. Upon arrival we find surfing waves breaking right in the middle of the narrow channel. Tom quietly decides to take a bold approach,  gunning the engine to keep better steerage and shooting in the channel like a bullet, getting Camelot smoothly and safely in the channel. Captain Tom didn’t even break a sweat, although he later admitted to being “mildly concerned”… Me, well, never mind… It’s over. I’m just glad he knows what he’s doing.

We’ve been assigned a very nice and spacious end-tie at the dock, strategically perfect for its proximity to one of the pools. We’re tired and sleepy. After the check-in formalities with the Harbor Master we make a bee-line for the pool. If we have to snooze, why not belly-up in the sun, right?

And that’s pretty much how we spend the rest of the day.

Marina El Cid - Dock A


The Iguana Pool


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