Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 12, 2011

Thu June 9th – Bahia Concepcion, here we come!

This trip is longer than our last few ones; in fact we travel for about 7 hours further up in the Sea of Cortez, destination Bahia Conception. This is a large body of water enclosing numerous small coves with secluded beaches of the most unusual names, and scattered with dozens of islets.

Our first stop is Bahia Coyote, Playa Santispac.


This spot is renowned as a mating place for whale sharks, and the offspring is happily swimming around with Mom and Dad. They are docile, non-aggressive animals that even allow humans to touch them, play with them, and hitch a ride on their dorsal fin. They’re huge! The youngsters are about 14-16 feet in length, the adults anything up to about 50 feet. It’ll take a lot of courage for me to get near them, while Tom is itching to go swim with them.
We arrive late afternoon and are both pretty tired, so when the radio crackles with excited voices announcing the presence of two “small” sharks we just look at each other and say: manana! Tomorrow we’ll be rested and ready to go play with the monster-fish. Right now I just feel like bait…

But we end up leaving Santispac in the morning after spending the night here, as we want to go just a couple of miles down the Bay to another premium spot: Playa El Burro (Donkey Beach).

Approaching El Burro Cove

The whale-sharks travel all over Bahia Conception, so I’m sure we’ll bump into them sooner or later–I hope gently!-.




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