Posted by: Sailing Camelot | September 12, 2011

Sep 3rd and 4th – Isla Coronado/Smith and Isla Mitlan

It’s only 8 miles from the relative civilization of Bahia de Los Angeles, and yet it feels so much more remote.

Isla Coronado/Smith is the largest island in the Bahia de Los Angeles area, easily recognizable even from afar by its volcano (thankfully inactive at this time), rising 1,554 foot from the

The very distinctive volcano, visible from quite a distance

And here it is up close!

Isla Mitlan is a tiny, mostly barren island that sits right in front of the bigger island of Isla Coronado (also known as Isla Smith). We take anchorage in the narrow channel separating the two islands.

Our front view for a couple of days - depending on currents

Amazingly colorful rock!

Not much else to do here but to take in the wild beauty and listen to the birds scream. Or climb the volcano –not a chance, not in this heat!
As usual we take our “get to know the place” dinghy tour.

Camelot dwarfed by the giant

Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

We stay here only a couple of days, long enough to see some friends nestled in a neighboring bay and continue the Four O’Clock Swim tradition. It’s a truly refreshing way to say good-bye and part ways!

We’ve been roaming Bahia de Los Angeles for the past four weeks. Tomorrow we leave to go see more of the fantastic Sea Of Cortez, it’s time to go further North and closer to the “other side” –near the mainland.

Adios, Bahia de Los Angeles and all of your splendid islands. We’ll be back in a few weeks to make sure we haven’t missed anything…


Leaving Mitlan, an unforgettable view


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