Posted by: Sailing Camelot | October 13, 2011

Oct 2nd and 3rd – Isla Tiburon – Bahia de Los Perros

 Today we travel about 7 hours -all motoring (dammit!)- to reach Isla Tiburon, the largest island not only in the Sea of Cortez but also in all of Mexico. There are two anchorages available; given the current sea and wind condition we pick the northeastern one: Bahia de Los Perros (Bay of the Dogs). I would so like to know who names these places, and the story behind each name… But no such luck. There are, however, no dogs to be found.

What we do find is good shelter in a well protected little bay and warm water –although the visibility at this time is not that great. We’re totally alone. Within an hour of our arrival, however, the absolute silence is broken by a noise resembling boiling water! Looking off the side of the boat I see a huge circle of what really appears to be boiling water. 

Turbulence in the Water... What the hell?


The Cause of the Turbulence

I’m half expecting some Sea Monster to come out; instead we determine the disturbance to be caused by numerous middle-sized fish, all apparently intent on feeding. This goes on for hours at a time, multiple times a day. The pelicans are ecstatic… I’m wondering if any of these creatures will be bold enough to jump up into the boat… 

Don't know what this is, but it looks good enough to eat!


And the birds agree... Jonathan, dinner is served!

The days are getting shorter, it gets dark earlier. Tom and I struggle to remain awake at least until 9 o’clock at night! We certainly have taken on Nature’s rhythms… Or maybe we’re just getting to be middle aged, who knows. In any case, we make this a Movie Night, shame I’m out of popcorn. Movie Nights are much more frequent in the wintertime, so this is definitely a change of season on Camelot! 

Navy MotherShip far off in the distance

Dawn at Isla Tiburon

We sleep the sleep of the innocent, finally comfortable, thanks to the cooling temperature. I wake up in time for my favorite display of affection from Mother Nature: a glorious sunrise.

Sun Rising on Bahia de Los Perros - Isla Tiburon

 This new day also brings a surprise: a small Mexican Navy Patrol Boat, anchored right on our starboard side.

If you think this is a fishing boat

... Take a closer look!

Tom is certain that we’ll be boarded (again!), so we sit in the cockpit sipping coffee and waiting patiently. Quite a few minutes go by; Tom is closely watching every move of the guys on deck. Finally he can’t take it anymore, so he hollers “Hola, Amigos! Coffee?”, lifting his own coffee mug to make his point. Bless my husband, building a bridge of friendship made of coffee wherever we go. This time, possibly for the first time in Mexico, his offer is politely declined. As it turns out, the Mexican Marines have stopped in this quiet bay just to take a break and have a peaceful breakfast. No boarding, no questions, just a little waving.  It’s always reassuring to see these guys around.

The Mariners getting ready to go after Breakfast

And Off they Go!

We are getting slightly restless by now. We’re closer to the Mainland and there are a couple of cute bays and anchorages we want to explore on our way to San Carlos, the ultimate destination for civilization-deprived cruisers like us. There will be people, stores, Internet, restaurants and more! It’s like the carrot dangling in front of the donkey’s nose. So tomorrow we leave, it’s decided.


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