Posted by: Sailing Camelot | October 13, 2011

September 19th – Gonzaga Bay

It’s visitors’ time on Camelot! Last night, while enjoying some really great company, Tom loosely extended an open invitation to everyone present to come spend some time aboard our boat, just for a different perspective on life. 

Charles and David goofin' off on Camelot

Later Tom makes a few trips ashore to pick up other friends. We get Charles and David in the morning and the LA Firemen group in the afternoon. What a pleasant, laid back and relaxing day!

My Eye Candy! From left: Mario, Bruce, Brandon and Al. Louie is missing...


Mario carrying vital supplies while Brandon watches his back

Everyone is so appreciative for the chance to spend some time on Camelot. It makes me reflect that yes, indeed, we live a special life! I occasionally forget…


Mario (left) and Bruce (right) blissfully relaxing in Paradise

We end the day having another fantastic dinner all together, saying our good-byes and exchanging good wishes. It was great to find this bunch of friendly, awesome guys. 

LAFD Finest, leaving Camelot at the end of the day


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