Posted by: Sailing Camelot | December 26, 2011

Dec 18th to 20th – San Blas

Another peaceful overnight trip under our belt!

It’s 7 am and we’re looking at the strip of land that should be San Blas.

Sadly, this sleepy fishing town holds a bad reputation among the cruising community: there is an alarming rate of theft, mainly directed towards boaters. The main target is usually the outboard engine on the dinghies that we all carry. In the past few months there were 7 of them stolen, and just a few weeks ago a cruising boat left (locked!) at anchor for a few hours was broken into.

We bypassed this little town twice during our earlier trips up and down the coast of Mexico, for this very reason. But this is our last chance to visit San Blas and learn about its rich history, and take a scenic jungle tour through Rio Tovara.

We debated long and hard about stopping here, eventually deciding to stay at the local Marina Fonatur, hopefully a more secure environment.

The first challenge, however, presents itself as we approach the entrance to the channel that will take us to the Marina. 

Excuse me, WHERE IS the blasted entrance???

San Blas is a protected port, securely ensconced a good 2 miles up this very shallow channel. We have been warned by many other visitors about the sand bar crossing and the shallow water surrounding the breakwater entrance. It can become a dangerous place during certain swell conditions, and the guidance of a local Pilot is strongly recommended. 

Meet our Pilot - His name is Osyris

Quick! Follow that Panga!

I start hailing the Port Captain on the radio at about 8 in the morning, to request a Pilot to bring us in. After many unanswered calls, finally an hour and a half later a Pilot is sent out to meet us.

We're not the only ones following the Pilot... The Pelicans, too!

We slowly follow the zig-zag pattern the Pilot carves in the water, nor daring to stray an inch. I busy myself taking pictures, my equivalent of burying my head in the sand, leaving Tom to deal with it.

The pretty shore of San Blas - a small portion, actually...

Along the way to the Marina

Old and rusty, but still active! The fishing fleet of San Blas

By 10 am we’re safely tied up to the dock at Marina Fonatur San Blas.

The air is much warmer than it was in Mazatlan, Tom is grinning ear to ear. We get to meet and personally thank our Pilot, a young and very nice fellow named Osiris.

Camelot at the Marina Fonatur San Blas, easily recognizable by the kayaks on the sides

Today we’ll rest and take inventory of our immediate surroundings, leaving further explorations for tomorrow.


Perfect Sunset to end yet another Perfect Day




  1. Looks great guys. Hope you had a nice Xmas. C&L

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