Posted by: Sailing Camelot | January 5, 2012

Dec 20th – The Town of San Blas

A surprise at every step, that’s how I’d describe San Blas.

A small, quiet harbor town with old world charm and a lot of history, documented as far as 1530. In 1768 San Blas was officially founded and became the Pacific naval port for New Spain, with a population nearly three times what it is today.

Well preserved traces of those times can still be found.

La Contaduria, a cross between Fortress and Accounting Headquarters

La Contaduria, both an armed fort and the accounting office for San Blas, sits atop a hill overlooking the ocean. Despite the damages inflicted by Hurricane Kenna in 2002, a good number of the original cannons are still in place.  

Necessary equipment to protect the Financial Department

That's one BadAss Chief Financial Officer!

The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow found here the inspiration to write the famous poem “The Bells of San Blas”.

The plaza is the center of social life, where everyone gathers after working hours: we walked through the little artisan’s market, stopped in the plaza to admire and compare the old and new churches standing side by side, listening to local singers perform songs about San Blas.

Old Church bell tower to the left, New Church bell towers to the right


Crafts and souvenirs market


Christmas decorations on Plaza buildings

We sat and people-watched for hours, attempting a conversation with some friendly residents despite the deafening screeching of the birds perched in the trees. One thing came through clearly: these people love their town and are proud of it.

The Old Church


The New Church



We walked by many restaurants and burger joints, there’s something for every taste here. The local specialty, smoked fish, is sold in small tiendas along the road. Baked goods are plentiful. The ice cream parlor offers a variety of treats.


Restaurants on the street busy smoking the catch of the day. Which one to choose?

A variety of Smoked Fish!

After a typical Mexican meal in a restaurant on the Plaza, we made a stop at Billy Bob’s Pub. This is a very popular place among American and Canadian visitors. It has the feel of an old saloon, the décor is incredibly colorful and Glenda the bartender has a smile for everyone. Not to mention the big screen TV broadcasting sport events… 

Outdoor section of Billy Bob's Pub

Art on the wall at the Pub.

Slowly walking back to the Marina, well fed and satisfied, we exchange opinions and impressions about San Blas.

Tom and I agree: it was well worth stopping here and we’re glad we did.


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