Posted by: Sailing Camelot | February 21, 2012

Jan 13th to Feb 19th – Life in La Cruz, continued…

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since the last posting! Time really flies when you’re busy… Let’s try to recap what went on during  this last month.

On Jan 17th Camelot was returned to the water: she left the boatyard with a smooth, sleek, blue belly. Gone are the ugly scars she carried from her encounter with a whale over a year ago, she’s now as good as new.

I’m also sure that the boatyard workers were relieved, having been under siege during the whole process… We followed their every move from our vantage point!

Big Daddy is watching your every move...

New paint drying off


All new, sleek and BLUE! Maybe now the whales will stay away?


Camelot walking down the isle... Back in the water she goes!

We immediately started busying ourselves with preparations for our impending departure, originally scheduled for January 31st.

However, as it often happens, our plans went down the drain… A family emergency had me leaving La Cruz in a hurry, bound for Italy. My Grandmother Adele was nearing her end and I wanted to be with her and my Mother to offer moral support and whatever practical help I could. An estimated weeklong absence turned into three weeks. On February 6th, after a slow and painful agony, Adele passed away.

She was 101 years, 6 months and 20 days old. She retained her full mental sharpness until the very end.  Here’s to you, Grandma. Nobody else is ever going to lovingly call me Devil Girl…

This is the hardest part of the cruising life, being far from your loved ones. Thank God for phones, emails, and airports…

With mixed feelings I returned to La Cruz and to Tom, whom I left behind for three weeks. We’re usually joined at the hip, so being apart doesn’t come easy to either one of us.

Together we resumed our preparations, adjusting our itinerary for a faster trip South to make our deadline of exiting Mexico within the first week of March.

Once ready to go, we had to postpone a few more days for unfavorable weather. Finally, the departure date was set for Monday, Feb. 20th .

The entrance at Ana Banana's, our home away from Camelot

This is what the place looks like before the crowds come in

Those little bags hanging above Tom's head contain the ashes of friends who will continue to enjoy the atmosphere even after they're gone (but never forgotten).

We spent our last night in La Cruz enjoying one more time the fabulous Sunday BBQ Rib Dinner at Ana Banana’s, listening to amazing music and enjoying one last time the company of many of the good friends we made here.

Lalo and Shelley, part of the friendly crew at Ana Banana's. See that wall? Our boat's name is on there somewhere!


Busy Man Barry (owner of the place), with namesake Ana behind him. Pondering the next menu or music gig?

Both Tom and I hate goodbyes, but it was inevitable. It took us quite a long while to hug and kiss everyone, promising to keep in touch. I managed to get away with dry eyes, even! Well, almost…

We said it before: La Cruz is a unique place populated by very special people, and we wouldn’t hesitate to settle down here if our cruising days were over. Maybe in a decade or so… There’s more sea to cover and more adventures to experience still…

To all of our dear friends who made our many stays in La Cruz so very memorable and pleasant, I offer our sincerest thanks and gratitude. You will not soon be forgotten!  I hope the same is true for us.

ADIOS, La Cruz De Huanacaxtle!      

View of Banderas Bay's anchorage, Puerto Vallarta in the background

Octopussy's Garden, another popular little restaurant in La Cruz

Also a Huichol Indians' Art Gallery and venue of English language classes for locals.


Nature's Gift to cruisers. La Cruz is the pot of gold found at the end of the rainbow...

Make that TWO! Twin Rainbows, only in La Cruz.
Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway… La Cruz, WE ARE GOING TO MISS YOU !!!


  1. Good to hear from you all after so long….I was getting worried about ya….plus I needed new information to keep me going……

    Glad you all are doing so well…….faire winds.


  2. I miss La Cruz, too. What a great place! What a great visit!

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