Posted by: Sailing Camelot | March 5, 2012

Feb 27th – Chores in an exotic place

It’s not always a vacation on Camelot!

Well, most of the time it is… But this morning, before we go play some more, we need to replenish the fuel supply and announce our presence to the Port Captain.

These two simple tasks end up taking most of the day. To get fuel we throw the jerry jugs in the dinghy, then zoom across the bay to the nearest gas station, fill up, chat with a bunch of friendly locals, load the filled jugs back on the dinghy, zig-zag our way back to Camelot, transfer fuel from jugs to tanks. It is a little convoluted, but it’s what cruisers do when a fuel dock is not available… It took us three hours and a few pints of sweat, but we’re still smiling!

Excalibur the Dinghy, at your service...

The Port Captain experience is a little more frustrating, testing even Tom’s legendary patience: two more hours for a lousy stamp on a piece of paper! But such is life…By now, we’re not smiling that much anymore.

It’s blazing hot, we’re sweating like pigs. We unanimously decide to take a pass on more explorations and take the rest of the day off enjoying peace, quiet, cold drinks and a light breeze on Camelot.



  1. Thanks for the update, we always look forward to it. Please email us with a freq and time we can possibly make contact on 20m. do you check into any of the 20M nets?
    Bill and Bev N7WH

  2. So happy to have seen you both here in the estuary!!!! Though we are returning to Canada for a few months we sure hope and look forward to seeing you outhere next crusing season. Lucky you – you two get to keep going. Check it out for us and we will chat later!!!

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