Posted by: Sailing Camelot | March 6, 2012

Feb 29th – Bahia de Puerto Marques

Early in the morning we untie Camelot from the mooring ball, leaving Bahia de Acapulco for good.

Just around the corner, a few miles South East, is Bahia de Puerto Marques.  It’s a much smaller and much quieter anchorage, cute as a picture. 

The Yellow Lighthouse welcoming us to Bahia de Puerto Marques


Finally, a peaceful beach with clear, warm waters to swin in!

We’re both very happy about the clarity and temperature of the water; it’s been a while since we were able to swim! There’s a small but very nice beach and I’m sure there’s a beach chair with our names on it.


Even here, the Federal Police is hovering the clear skies


View of Camelot, if you can see her over Tom's twinkly toes!


We’ll only stay here 18 hours, as we’ll depart for Huatulco at 3:00 am tomorrow morning! Better take advantage…


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