Posted by: Sailing Camelot | May 18, 2012

May 11th – Bahia Dominicalito – A One Night Stand

I’m enjoying these short hops between anchorages… If you don’t like one place, you still have time to move on to the next and arrive before nightfall.

Leaving Quepos behind, we are both looking forward to “tossing the anchor around”… We get to do that just a few hours later, anchoring in Bahia Dominicalito.


Bahia Dominicalito pretty beach and hill houses


The little bay looks inviting as we make ourselves at home. Maybe we could stay a couple of days, and explore a little?


Tom assessing the place after anchor deployment


All thoughts of cozying up quickly dissipate after a sleepless night were we rolled and rolled and rolled like, well, pigs in the mud!

Pretty you may be, Bahia Dominicalito, but not worth more than a one-night stand – at least not under the current sea mood…


The uniquely shaped Tree on the Spit – Bahia Dominicalito landmark


We forge ahead, praying for calmer bays and flatter seas.


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