Posted by: Sailing Camelot | June 2, 2012

May 17th – Bahia Golfito, Costa Rica – Home for a while!

Crossing Golfo Dulce from Puerto Jimenez to Bahia Golfito takes less than an hour.                                                                                                      

With no fanfare and no problems, we enter this little “Gulf within the Gulf”.


Entering Bahia Golfito

Playa Cacao

Can you see the little house nested in the forest?

Tom is looking this way and that, nodding approvingly, a slow grin spreading on his face. “I’m liking this a lot”, he says.

Yes, it is pretty. Two things are readily apparent: this is a flat-calm, protected little place. And the water, though flat, is a lagoon-ish green. Meaning, we’ll be comfortable, but I’m not anticipating much swimming here… But I might be wrong, we’ll see!

Looking at the Town of Golfito from the Bay entrance

Looking to the right. The Bay extends further!

Our destination is up there, somewhere…

There are four or five choices of Marinas in this small gulf, but the most popular -and cruisers’ favorite – is Land and Sea.                  That’s where we’re headed.

Land & Sea Headquarters

Quickly and easily we find our mooring ball and tie up without a hitch.

View of our Neighborhood from the boat

Just arrived! A very Happy Captain

We’re very close to shore and the club house, just a short paddle away.                                                                                                                  Behind the club house, Golfito’s main road stretches out; behind the road… rainforest! That’s it.

Tall peaks of hills and mountains, totally green and spectacular, filled with birds calling to each other. Just a few colorful houses perched at the foot of the mountain.

The distance between Camelot’s spot on the water and the rainforest is at most 200 meters!

Golfito’s Main Road – Heading to Panama direction…

…And heading downtown direction

A particularly nice stretch of the road

Tom is thrilled. “Oh, honey, we’re going to stay here awhile!” – “Absolutely fine with me” I reply, already calculating the range of my zoom lens versus the distance to the mountains. There will be some great photo opportunities here, I just know it.

Relaxing view of the Bay’s entrance

The Bay at dawn

I can’t wait to get to know this place!


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