Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 15, 2012

June 30th – Leaving Golfito and Costa Rica

We hate goodbyes, that much is clear by now… But it’s an inevitable part of the cruising life, the pleasure of finding good friends and the curse of having to leave them behind.

And boy, how much it hurts when we hear the question “Well, when are you coming back?”… Our answer, if possible, hurts even more… “Maybe in about ten years, but more possibly never…”

Our six weeks in Golfito were absolutely delightful, thanks in no small part to the wonderful people of Land and Sea, our home for this stretch of time. Actually, they were the reason we stayed that long!


Land & Sea, our Home in Costa Rica

So, thanks to all of you: Tim, Katie, Tim2 and Kerry for the human component, and Riley, Cujo, Peanut, Rags, Vinnie and Abu for the much needed animal love fix.

You will not soon be forgotten!

And whenever possible, we’ll spread the good word about your welcoming facilities and especially your weekly potluck parties. We had a lot of fun here. You guys are great!

Believe me: you will all be sorely missed.


Cujo, Peanut and Vinnie, part of a larger group of furry friends


It is here that I’ve finally discovered the Costa Rica I was looking for. And Golfito goes on my personal list “Top Ten Places I could easily call Home”.

So, enough of the good-byes already! They make me sad…

There are many more corners to bend and adventures to seek.

We’re off to Panama, but before we go… The last thing I want to yell is…

PURA VIDA, Costa Rica!


PURA VIDA, Costa Rica!


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