Posted by: Sailing Camelot | November 7, 2012

November 8th – Crossing the Panama Canal, finally!

I meant to write extensively about or last few days in Panama City, but the preparations and last-minute things to do ate up all my time, so forget about that…

All I have time to say is, we’ll be at the Miraflores Locks (the first of three sets of locks) at 1030 local time on Thursday November 8th, and if you want you can watch the process thru the Miraflores Live Webcam here:

We’ll be waving at you!

We should then arrive at the last set of locks, the Gatun Locks on the Caribbean side, around 1500 local time, and here’s the link to the Gatun Live Webcam :

To make it a little easier, Panama is on Eastern Time – like New York. Or GMT -5 hours.

I’m so excited I just know I won’t sleep a wink tonight and be an absolute wreck all day tomorrow.

But that’s when adrenaline kicks in, right?

Well, then, see you from the “other” side! That would be… The Caribbean Sea!

Wish us luck!

Pictures and a full report to follow…



  1. Fabulous photos and narrative on the Panama Canal. You both look great. Have a happy foreign Thanksgiving.

    xoxo Jannie

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