Posted by: Sailing Camelot | December 23, 2012

Isla Grande, a quick stop – Dec 8th

Since we’re not in any rush, we decide to break the trip and see the sights along the way to San Blas.

About another couple of hours from Portobello Bay there are two safe spots to anchor: Isla Linton and Isla Grande.

Isla Linton is crowded with boats. We take a sweep around the anchoring field and decide to move on. Isla Grande is just a mile or two ahead and it looks prettier, friendlier and above all much less crowded! Only maybe a half dozen boats there, a no-brainer choice.


Isla Cabra (Goat Island)

Isla Cabra (Goat Island)


I could spend a lot of time reading books there...

I could spend a lot of time reading books there…


Down goes the anchor, we are satisfied with our temporary residence. The water is clear, at least 20 feet visibility. We agree that another three or four days stay is the minimum necessary.


Approaching Isla Grande

Approaching Isla Grande


Beach Cabana on Isla Grande

Beach Cabana on Isla Grande


’m anticipating visiting this tiny island and swimming in these clear waters! But then Tom checks the weather and bursts my bubble… There’s some severe weather coming that will render the sea choppy and uncomfortable, and we’re faced with a choice: either we get stuck here for about eight days until the system passes, or we pick up and go tomorrow morning and run straight to Porvenir, San Blas.

Ok, we have to go. Bummer. Maybe I’ll get to visit this island in a few months on the way back, or maybe I won’t. I shoot some consolatory pictures, just in case…


My front porch view

My front porch view




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