Posted by: Sailing Camelot | December 23, 2012

Leaving Shelter Bay, a strange farewell – December 4th

After multiple postponements and an assortment of delays, we’re finally ready and free to leave Shelter Bay behind and venture out toward the San Blas Islands.

As a farewell, on our last night at the Marina we received a stealthy visit from at least a couple of Fruit Bats.

No, we didn’t see them and didn’t hear a thing. It was just the “evidence” they left behind, like multiple droppings and a baby-fist sized hole in one of our bananas.

At first I thought of a gecko, but that was quickly excluded. Then a terrifying thought: please let it not be a mouse… They cause incredible damage on a boat and are very hard to get rid of!

But after a careful investigation, extensive research and comparison of the marks on our banana with other “crime scene” pictures on the Internet, it was determined with certainty that Fruit Bats  were the culprits.

We have been visited by Batman and Robin. At least that’s what I named them, in absentia…

Fruit Bats feasting

Fruit Bats feasting


They are TOO cute!

They are TOO cute!


With much relief, problem solved, no harm no foul, just down half a banana, we leave.

It’s a gorgeous day, sunny with a very light breeze –nowhere near enough to sail-, puffy white clouds, a benign sapphire sea. So THAT’S what the Caribbean Sea looks like on a good day!

We’re not going very far today, just 8 miles away to Portobello Bay, just enough to break free.


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