Posted by: Sailing Camelot | September 4, 2010


Sep 4th, 2010

We left Alameda yesterday with a small crowd of friends on the docks cheering (good riddance?), bound for Half Moon Bay -our first stop- where we’ll stay for Labor Day Weekend. A whole bunch of former neighbors traveled down with us and are now here scattered in the bay, anchored all around us. That makes it hard for us to realize that we actually left! I guess it’ll hit us later this week, when we leave for our next port of call -Santa Barbara-.

Last passage under the Golden Gate Bridge. Goodbye!

So there, the first -very short- leg of our trip is completed. A whole 32.4 Nautical Miles… Took us a whoppin’ 4 hrs and 40 mins to get here. Somehow I don’t feel a huge sense of accomplishment. That will probably come at a later time. 

For now it’s eat, sleep, hang out with friends and hope for the Sun to come out. Not a bad way to start, is it…



  1. Best of luck you guys, enjoy yourselves. And most importantly – be SAFE! God speed!

  2. 32.4 miles 1st day? At that rate, it will take about two years to circumnavigate…

    I hope you slow it down a lot and “smell the roses”! 5 years in more like it! See the world! Don’t rush!

    Fair winds! Call me anytime!


  3. Miasen!!!!

  4. Miasen!!!! Go 10-8!!

  5. Hello Camelot, JaneO here – we can see you easily off our starboard beam now that the anchorage has cleared out! Been quite a steady stream of boats headed back for home. BUT NOT US!! 🙂 Enjoyed you stopping by to say HI yesterday, we’ll definitely get together for a chat here or as we meet up with you further south.

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