Posted by: Sailing Camelot | September 6, 2010

On the hook in Half Moon Bay

Well the Labor Day Weekend has wrapped up. The sun is shining and the weather is beautiful.

During the weekend there were about ten Marina Village Boats down here, as well as old friends from our times in San Fancisco. Yesterday we had a great “Gate 11 Beach Party/BBQ” and had a chance to make last minute goodbyes.

All of the San Francisco boats have weighed anchor and gone. Pillar Point Harbor anchorage is empty, except for a couple of boats on moorings. Our friends Glen and Arlene left for home this morning and Lori and I are alone on Camelot.

Being alone on the boat gave us time to reflect. Up until now the trip has felt like another weekend in Half Moon Bay, but now reality is sinking in and we both realize that this is our new life. We are both excited to move on and get to warmer waters.

Tonght, Corbett (AKA: Anthony) arrives and will crew down the coast with us.

We plan on leaving here late morning Tuesday and if the weather cooperates, be in Santa Barbara on Thursday.

Camelot at anchor in Half Moon Bay



  1. Fair Winds & following seas to you! (How many times are you going to have that wish?)


  2. Miasen!!!! Just stay 10-8. And try to find me a wife, ferevinsakes! you left town owing me two lunches and three dinners.

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