Posted by: Sailing Camelot | November 20, 2010

Lori’s Birthday

We arrived in La Paz around noon and anchored near the Marina De La Paz.

Lori adorned by her new shell necklace from Leanne & John

Now for the important stuff… On November 18th in the Year of our Lord (you fill in the year, since I will get in trouble mentioning her age to the world) Loredana Spinazzola Jeremiason was born into this world kicking and screaming. Lori has lived an interesting and adventurous life so far, but according to her this birthday was one to remember.

Accompanied by some of the usual suspects from our cruising life, John and Leanne from “Red Sky” and

The usual Suspects, Alma, SV Camelot, SV Perfect Wave and SV Red Sky

later Eric, Dawn, Whitney and Tommy from “Perfect Wave” we arrived at the Mexican Cruisers’ Party sponsored by the Mexican Department of Tourism and local merchants.

The event was held at Papas & Beer, a little watering hole on the beach next to Marina De La Paz, with a beautiful view of the bay.

Of course, not to be late we arrived about 2 hours before the event started, which got us a primo table next to the stage and from that point on it became known as the  Papas & Beer VIP Table, well at least by us. 

Alma teaching Tom the proper way to make Guacamole

As soon as we were seated, we met Alma, our waitress and new best friend. Alma was as crazy as us, or maybe just went along with our nonsense in fear we would shanghai her off to the deep blue ocean. Either way, she cheerfully provided us with wonderful food, buckets of beer and Margaritas.

The party began with a speech from the Mexican Minister of Tourism and local government officials, welcoming the arriving boats from the United States.

Mexican Dancers

After the formalities we were provided entertainment by dancing children in traditional Mexican costumes and later by a Mexican  Mariachi Band.

This is where is got a little interesting…. Lori was closely serenaded by several of the band members, which were then referred to as “Lori’s Boy Toys”. Later, Lori was seen dancing to the tunes of a local band

Lori and her new boy toys

and there is a rumor that she might have even drank several Margaritas. (TWO!)

Amazingly, we pretty much shut the place down, leaving only a few hardcore patrons standing at about 10pm, which in sailboat time is well after midnight.

Happy Birthday Lori!!!



  1. Happy Birthday Lori! Love the pics and so glad you guys are having fun! Lori, your tan looks AMAZING!!! Miss you both!

  2. Truly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you that tanned! Happy Happy Birthday! You’re swimming around in 80 degree water while we’re dodging lightening bolts. It was cold, rainy and miserable this weekend with thunder and lightening. Wish we were there.

  3. Hey Guys,
    Just visited your website/blog. Great job with it , your posts and pics are great , worth the effort i reckon —J&L

  4. Great photos and stories. Guess you guys are almost to Mazatlan. Hope you trip is/was great! Keep up the blog it is fun to read as I finally have time. Crit

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