Posted by: Sailing Camelot | December 11, 2010

Leaving La Paz

We ended up staying in La Paz for 10 days. It’s such an interesting place with lots to see and lots to do. There were planned activities every day. A group of cruisers who made La Paz their home founded Club Cruceros, and we joined in support –and got a very cool little flag with a pelican on it! They have a small but well organized shack full of books and DVDs that can be borrowed -pretty much like a library-, free coffee is offered every day but Sunday, people meet there and exchange information, spare parts, advice, and whatnot. A very supportive community! There’s also a multi-purpose room, where yoga classes were held in the morning three days a week –free of charge!-. The teachers are usually other cruisers that happen to be there, passing by just like us. Our teacher, Anna from the boat Feliz, was truly awesome, her classes were always full. I credit my good friend Leann for gently nudging me to go, and Anna for introducing me to yoga with such gentleness and grace that I can’t wait to do it again. OK, I only took three classes, but she got me hooked for good!

I can see how cruisers get sucked up there and never want to leave! It almost happened to us… We were actually forced out of the anchorage by the weather forecasts warning us of a four-day windstorm coming our way. So we took cover not too far away, just about 5 miles out of downtown La Paz, at a luxury resort/marina called Costa Baja. We’re glad we did, those winds were fierce!

Costa Baja Marina

The resort is absolutely gorgeous, with many different restaurants, pools, palapa bars, and even a small grocery store.

Can you imagine yourself here?

Sadly, we also had a few boat maintenance projects that we kept postponing, and now was the time to do it. Tom got busy taking the big winches apart and lubricating them, while I was down below trying to re-make a cushion cover for the dinghy seat. We were stuck working in a vacation place! No poolside lounging for us…

One of the many restaurants

But we’re still happy to have visited the place, and we’re definitely going back next time we’re in the neighborhood.

Costa Baja Beach Club

We finally pried ourselves out of Costa Baja on December 1st, the idea was to go up to Isla Partida with our friends from Red Sky and Perfect Wave, two boats we’ve been traveling with for about a month. BUT… Tom needed to order spare parts for our generator and have the necessary customs’ paperwork prepared, so we were delayed long enough to miss departure time with the group. It was too late to make it all the way up to the island when we were finally cleared to leave, so we took a little hop of about an hour to another favorite anchoring spot, Puerto Ballandra. We spent quite a rocky night at anchor there, and I almost got seasick while watching a movie that night. Me, the one that never got seasick, not even on the roughest passages! How embarrassing… Oh, well. I survived.


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