Posted by: Sailing Camelot | December 11, 2010

Mazatlan December 10th

After our first night at the beautiful Isla de La Piedra anchorage we discovered that it can get pretty rolling. Nothing too uncomfortable, but since there’s a more protected anchorage just 5 minutes north of here we decided to move. So we’ve taken temporary residence at the Club Nautico anchorage. Much less scenic and a little more crowded, but hey, there’s convenient and fast Internet access!

Camelot anchored off Club Nautico

Here’s what we discovered so far: there’s a sewer treatment plant upwind, and every day between 12 and 1 pm they release the gases.

The Source of Daily Stench

Yep, you guessed right… It’s like a giant, silent but deadly FART that lasts an hour! Small price to pay, really, for the convenience to shore. We learned fast to leave the boat when the noxious, invisible cloud is released…

Strangely enough we also get a dense, San Francisco style FOG here in the morning! Thick, pea soup fog. And it cools off the temperature considerably… We sure didn’t miss that! Luckily, it burns off around noon.

Isla de Los Chivos, inhabited by goats

Today we met with Doug and Carla from the sailboat Moondance, former neighbors of ours back in Alameda. They’ve been gone two years, so they know the lay of the land and all the tricks here! After providing us with a very helpful guide and map, and a very tasty lunch, they took us for a stroll in the Old Downtown Mazatlan. The sights and colors were almost overwhelming! We need to take it in a little at a time… We took a “cab” to return to the anchorage. It was actually a golf cart, very popular and economic mean of transportation here. And a lot of fun! The drivers here are fearless… We’re not…

We’ll be exploring leisurely in the days to come. I’m sure I’ll give my little camera a thorough workout! Stay tuned…



  1. Tom and Lori, we sure look forward to your posts……keep them coming, please don’t leave out any detail or photos….more please….
    We were back over in Catalina the other day, made us think about you all….Wish we could cut the lines, but duty still calls. If I can ever break Dana of the Nordstrom habit, I could leave…..but not yet. haha
    Be well, can’t wait to get your next post….

    • Many of us must live your adventures vicariously via your updates, so it is encumbant upon you to keep us informed and up to date via your reports. Having too much fun to keep us posted is no excuse to keep current on your blog. You have been warned.

  2. Hello Tom and Lori

    It has been great to hear about your fascinating voyage… your journal entries make the trip sound wonderful. Love the attention to detail on your experiences.
    Lori, sorry to hear about Kozmo. He was a great, loyal dog… We lost Paradise last year, so we know how hard it is.
    Look forward to more stories

    Merry Christmas,

    Phil and Julie

  3. Oh yes “the Cabs”. When we were there, I thought Ross was going to have a stroke! No seatbelts, back of a truck or golfcart type, quick and aggressive.

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