Posted by: Sailing Camelot | December 20, 2010

Old Mazatlan

Mazatlan is such a big, spread-out city, they had to divide it in sections. Old Mazatlan is the original downtown section, centered around the commercial port harbor.

Old Mazatlan is absolutely fascinating, colorful and full of character, I consider it the Beating Heart of the City. We visited the Mercado Municipal, overflowing with sights, smells and sounds, not to be missed if you ever happen to visit. The Conception Cathedral is another imposing landmark, full of history and well-frequented any day of the week. My favorite place in this part of town is Plazuela Machado, a small square with a cluster of the best restaurants in town. 

Plazuela Machado

Here, specifically at the restaurant La Tramoya (The Backstage) we had possibly the best meal in years. This is one classy, friendly, cozy place.

View from La Tramoya Restaurant

We also sampled the fish tacos from another small restaurant in the Plazuela, which curiously pairs-up with a jewelry store. Of course, while waiting for our meal to be served, me and Annie from Serendipity went to admire and drool over these incredibly beautiful pieces of art. We were also treated to a lesson in semi-precious local stones by the store owner, including a demonstration on how the stones are affected by exposure to light. I saw Tourmaline of an intense green turn into the most amazing shades of deep blue, topaz transforming from dark yellow to fiery orange. Red Mexican Fire Opals ranging from vermillion to fire-engine and blood reds. Those colors to me were more precious than any diamond… 

Jewels to the left and Food to the right

We walked for miles, noses up in the air, marveling at the colorful town houses, the numerous art galleries filled with vivid paintings, the many shops selling artifacts from local artisans. It’s a good thing we don’t have a house, I would have filled it with all sorts of goods from this incredible place. As it is, I have just to be satisfied with filling my eyes and my heart with what I see.

Old Mazatlan Building

Traditional Colors

Homes of Old Mazatlan

 Strolling leisurely down the streets we discovered a public library, filled with a good selection of English books as well, with a well developed lend-borrow-exchange system. Tom had to forcibly remove me from this place…


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