Posted by: Sailing Camelot | February 14, 2011

Mon Feb 14th Happy Valentine’s Day!

We spent our Valentine’s Day tying up loose ends and getting ready to leave, not much of a romantic day at all… It’s a good thing that Tom did the “romantic Valentine thing” on the beach a couple of days ago… We ladies don’t like it when such occasions get totally overlooked.

What Is He Doing???

... The Proper Valentine Thing, of course!

 In any case, Camelot is once again ready to go find new places. While thoroughly enjoying our visit, we both agree that our preference remains with the more secluded, wild and undeveloped little bays. It’s time to head back up North, in no particular rush.

We’ll leave Ixtapa Marina early tomorrow morning and take the short hop to Isla Grande (also known as Isla Ixtapa). We’ll spend a couple of days here before resuming our gypsy ways. 


View of Ixtapa Marina


Ixtapa Marina Entrance



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